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"We are working on encouraging the use of eco-friendly and upcycled materials, merging between sustainable products, genuine design and social responsibility."

Up-fuse is a lifestyle brand and social enterprise, based in Cairo, that promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle by designing and producing environmentally and socially responsible bags and products that support local communities in Egypt.

Being one of the leading eco-design studios in Egypt, Up-fuse was founded by Yara Yassin and Rania Rafie, both Product Designers have developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags transforming them into high quality bags and accessory products.

Every product is handmade with unique colours and patterns, carrying stories that connect our customers to our producers. In cooperation with “Roh El Shabab” NGO in Cairo, we value transparency in production and working conditions while promoting the skills and talents of local artisans.

Read more about the Artisans here

Meet Our Team

Rania K. Rafie
Co-founder & Managing Director
Rania is the co-founder and Managing Director of Up-fuse. Holds a bachelor degree in Product Design, she believes she can use her knowledge to make the world a better place for all. Rania likes to see the bright side of everything, that's why she's interested in Upcycling, Sustainability, design and philosophy. She loves discovering a new city on a bicycle, going to the beach, doing yoga, and she’s currently a mom-to-be 🙂
Yara Yassin
Co-founder & Design Director
Yara Yassin is the co-founder and Design Director. A 26 year old Product Designer from Egypt, who believes that one day Humans should find a Planet B to escape to from all the Hazardous impacts we are causing on Earth. Yara's passion for design and creation in addition to sustainability, made her pave her way in social entrepreneurship in a young age. Yara loves languages and cultures.

Lama El-Khawanky
Product designer
She designs the bags, booth or anything that needs to be designed.
When she is not designing, you can find her eating, working out or just hanging out and again eating!!
Want to work together? She would love to hear from you.