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Social Impact Artisans Cover Picture

Make a positive change.

We take care and time making our products. We start with the ideas and designs, then move on to the selection of the best, sustainable materials. Following that, we start the process of collecting, cleaning and recycling/upcycling plastic bags till we reach the final stage of  sewing them, adding final touches afterwards. Throughout the production process, we adhere to our ethical approach: supporting fair and local production, creating awareness and offering solutions to current environmental issues.

Up-fuse Social Impact Mansheya

Our Social Impact

We love and respect people.

It is integral for to us to make a positive change; not only environmentally, but socially. Up-fuse bags are sustainably produced in our in-house workshop by our talented local sewers whom we constantly work with to develop and improve products and designs. Behind each product we create, stand people who we value and know personally; garbage collectors, artisans, designers, sewers are ALL part of Up-fuses’ local production.

We are proud to be working with the local NGO “Roh El Shabab” in Manshayet Nasr (the “Garbage City” in Cairo). In collaboration with them, Up-fuse teaches youth and women the upcycling technique as a craft to help them generate income for their families. Part of our revenue goes back to “Roh El Shabab” to support their activities in providing education and health awareness to the Mansheyet Naser community. Currently, we are working with 16 women from Manshyet Naser to create our recycled material, and we are constantly looking for new ways through which we can develop the community even further. 

Our Environmental Impact

We love and respect Earth.

We strongly believe that small actions make a big difference. With plastic bags taking 1000 years to decompose, we are facing a signficant environmental challenge around the globe; especially in Egypt, where daily pollution is hitting an extreme level. It’s time for us to stand up and make a change.

One way to reduce waste is to reuse existing waste. Following that logic, Up-fuse has developed techniques to upcycle plastic bags, transforming them into sustainable, fashionable bags and accessories. One item we produce hinders 15-30 plastic bags from being thrown away. For our production process, we collect used plastic bags from “Garbage City” with the local NGO “Roh El Shabab”. The collection process is followed by the recycling or upcycling process, where after cleaning the plastic bags, we create a reusable, sustainable material – our uniquely coloured material “Sabi.” The upcycled “Sabi” is then used to make our numerous unique products, from backpacks to waist bags to laptop cases, and more.

Up-fuse Environmental Impact plastic sheets

Impressions of Garbage City

Bags Workshop in the making