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At Up-fuse we are keen to be socially conscious, which means that we appreciate the efforts of the hands behind each item we create. And by WE, we mean the Up-fuse team, the artisans, our partners, and our collaborators, who make it all happen.

The process of producing one item is long: Starting with ideas and designs, continuing with the selection of the right (green) materials, the collecting, cleaning and upcycling of the plastic bags all the way to sewing and finishing the bag with it’s final touches.

The Upcycling Process


“Roh El Shabab”, a local NGO in Manshayet Nasr, the Garbage City in Cairo, helps us to collect the plastic bags, clean them and upcycle them into our spontaneously coloured material “Sabi”.


In the NGO we teach students, who are not enrolled in a regular education, the upcycling technique as a craft to encourage them to finish their education, while generating an income to support their families.

A part of our revenue goes back to the NGO to support the youth to engage in a co-education curriculum and work in healthy conditions.

Finishing The Bag

Bags Workshop in the making

Furthermore, in El Warraq, Cairo, the sewing and finishing of the bags are made by A’m Sobhi.

A’m Sobhi is a talented leather bags sewer, who spent his whole life sewing handmade bags in Egypt, Libya, and even Jordan, however A’m Sobhi has been struggling in the past few years ever since the “Made in China”-products conquered the Egyptian market.

Together, we create for you: “Your everyday bag that loves and respects earth and people.”