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15′ SunRay – Laptop case

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*Made Only Once*

 Materials Used:

  • This laptop case is made of 30 upcycled plastic bags.
  • Egyptian Organic
  • Double Padding.
  • Buckle Strap
  • Cotton Handle


  • No Dyes added to the upcycled material.
  • Every material used is either environmentally friendly or locally produced in Egypt.
  • This product is rain & sand proof.
  • Every product is the only item available of its kind in terms of colours and patterns.

By owning this product you’re supported 4 labours to finish their education, 2 women and 2 local sewers to provide income to their families.

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 40 x 30 cm
Material “Sabi”

Imperfections made with love
Please be aware that our self-made material is handmade and therefore not perfectly smooth as machine made materials. We recycle each and every plastic bag ourselves, to reduce waste and save the environment. The material is very unique in its feel and look, which make the products so special. Our products are naturally having a rough surface with imperfections.


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