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Remains of a plastic bag on the beach

Beachside Plastic? Say No!

29 Jul By
Welcome, beach season! Here comes the season when everyone packs up and leaves to Sa7el! We’re hoping you’re enjoying your vacation and making the best out of this beaming July sun, but we’re also hoping to point your attention towards an important issue that you might have already noticed while you’re enjoying the beach – […]
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Christine Liu & Her Journey of Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle

05 Jun By
Through out our journey with brining Up-fuse to life, one of the significant individuals we’ve met that has inspired us was Christine Liu. A young Packaging Design Graduate, who is surprisingly leading a “packageless” (or a Zero Waste Lifestyle) through her blog “Snapshots of Simplicity”. We have first met Christine, two years ago in Hamburg, […]
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Ramadan and The After Party

29 May By
Ramadan is here! This is probably your favorite month or your least favorite month of the year, but either way, we are almost certain you will either be invited to a fancy-ass 3ezooma or you will be responsible for hosting one. There is enough out there on Facebook and social media platforms discussing what happens […]
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5 Ways To Contribute To a Greener Cairo

10 Apr By
Being an environmentally conscious consumer in Egypt is not the easiest thing in the world. We are one of the dirtiest cities in the world, one of the most polluted and definitely one of the most overwhelming. Although being crowned ‘a city that doesn’t sleep’ is rewarding, it does come with its costs, most significantly, […]
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20 Feb By
If you’re already lagging behind on your New Year’s Resolutions (check our Sustainable New Year’s Resolution blog post here), then this smoothie bowl recipe is for you. And if you’re sticking to your nutrition plan, then this recipe is also for you. (Up Fuse is for everyone!) These smoothie bowls are perfect for breakfast, dinner, […]
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About Zawara: The Best Fayoum Ecolodge

30 Jan By
Although we cannot deny our love for the city, it can get to be too consuming sometimes. Hustling is one thing, and fighting Cairo’s stigmas, traffic and currency is another. We consider ourselves dedicated to both equally, but sometimes we need a break. And like our strong dedication to ethical fashion (read more about ethical […]
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15 Jan By
There are two types of people: people who make New Year’s resolutions and people who make fun of people who make New Year’s resolutions. Here at Up Fuse, we like any excuse to be re-inspired, re-motivated and recharged, so New Year’s resolutions are great in our book! Although we believe that change is great and having […]
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